Catfish au Charbon

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Catfish au Charbon

Catfish, sympathique groupe en provenance du Jura, formé par Amandine et Damien, ont posé leur instruments le temps d’un soir du côté du café Charbon. Ce fut l’occasion d’aller à leur rencontre et de réaliser une petite entrevue filmée. Et c’est Thomas qui se glisse dans la peau de l’interviewer.

Digital Advertising

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Digital advertising is the tactic of leveraging the internet and its properties to deliver promotional ads to consumers on various channels. Like it’s predecessor—traditional advertising—a digital ad can help tell the story of your brand. Unlike traditional advertising, digital advertising is more universal and flexible, enabling you to tell your brand story on the channels […]

Tips for a healthy lifestyle

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For youth and adults engaging in physical activity and sports, healthy eating is essential for optimizing performance. Combining good nutrition with physical activity can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Maximize with nutrient-packed foods Give your body the nutrients it needs by eating a variety of nutrient-packed food, including whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables, […]